When fitting this chain on your dog, ensure that once you have threaded the chain through the ring, that the chain creates the shape of a horizontal letter "p" and place on your dog this way. DON’T place on your dog if you have a created a letter "q" as this will act as a choker.

    NOTE: These chains are a fashion accessory. Ensure that they are worn loose at all times and never leave your dog unattended while wearing this chain. We strongly advise against using this chain as a training collar or check chain. Misuse of this chain may cause damage to your dog's neck and throat. 


    When purchasing for your dog we suggest measuring your dog's neck and then adding 5cm to that measurement. Then select the closest size which is at least that measurement (do not size down).


    When attaching to your gold chain, only ever attach to the ring that the chain runs through the other ring (DO NOT attach to the ring that will be hanging freely - this will tighten the collar when worn)

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