Every dog is different in size and shape, so please make sure that you measure and double check the sizing of your fur-baby before making a size selection.

Our sizing information is meant to be used as a guide and may not apply to every dog due to their individual body shape which may not be able to be taken into account. But not to stress, you can return most items for a refund (as per our Returns and Refunds Policy) and reorder if your dog doesn't fit the size you choose.

IMPORTANT:  Each Harness Type does have a different sizing, so please ensure to check the size chart prior to purchasing, as your pup may be in a different size in each type of harness.

NOTE: Our products are manufactured by hand, this does mean occasionally there may be a 1-2cm variance in the sizing of the product.

Please also note, our sizing may be different to other brands that are on the market. Ensure that you double check the sizing of each harness. We would recommend not assuming that you will be the same size as another brand.

To find the best size check out the below sizing charts for each individual product. The sizing chart for each product is the measurements of the actual product (not the size range that will fit that particular size). Please take this into account when choosing a size, as your dog may need to size up if they are close to the end of the size range.

If you're still not sure which would be the best fit, send us an email to with the following details and we will suggest the best fit for them:
1. Neck measurement (note: if your dog's head is wider than their neck, make sure to measure their head circumference to ensure that the harness will go over their head)
2. Chest measurement
3. Back measurement
4. Which products you would like sizing suggestions for.

Here are a couple of tips for sizing:

For neck and chest, please allow sufficient room to slip two fingers (stacked on top of each other) between the measuring tape and the dog’s neck or chest.

A snug fit (for harnesses) is what you are aiming for - just make sure it is not too tight or chokes your pet.