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We are the BIG & LITTLE DOGS Team...2 Humans & 3 Pups.

CHARGE | Great Dane, Office Manager, Wise Old Man

CHASE | French Bulldog, Office Terror, Chief Snack Taster

HARVEY | Cavoodle, Newbie, full-Time Model

EMMA | Blonde, Social Media Guru, WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR

MEGAN | Brunette, Chief Financial Officer, Office DJ

What is the BLD Story?

This crazy rollercoaster ride began one weekend in May 2016. 

In Melbourne for the weekend to attend a pet expo, Emma was excited to find some matching accessories for her Great Dane & Frenchie. However, she walked away from the expo empty-handed.

Meeting up with Megan later that day, Emma expressed her disappointment in the lack of accessories at the expo and how there was nothing to buy that could match both big and little dogs. After finding this gap in the pet accessories market, we decided that when we returned home to Brisbane we would look into how we could launch our own range of accessories hoping to offer what couldn't be found at the expo or in the pet accessories industry at the time.

15th May 2016 was the day we took a leap of faith and registered our company and business name: BIG & LITTLE DOGS.

We spent the next 6 months working long days and nights designing, creating, sampling and perfecting our first range and when we launched in November 2016, we had no expectations of how it would be received. We envisioned BLD to be a hobby/side hustle, as we both worked full-time in another business we own.

But after an incredible launch and fast forward a few months, we soon realised that BLD definitely wasn't going to be just a hobby! And we both ended up with two full-time jobs. To this day, we still hustle 12-16 hours most days running both BLD and our other business and we have only recently hired our first employee {cue the addition of Megan's youngest sister to the BLD Team}. Nicole is responsible for picking, packing and shipping most of your orders.

28.11.19 - marks 3 years since BIG & LITTLE DOGS officially launched. 

The journey to where we are today has been incredible and since launching we have met so many amazing people and puppers, have learnt a lot and we have grown immensely as a business.

We cannot thank our families, friends, customers, fans, followers and haters enough - without your support (and criticisms) we wouldn't be where we are today. We are always learning from our fortunes and failures and strive to bring you the best accessories possible for your fur-babies. 

As we re-write our "ABOUT US" 3 years later, we have reminisced over collections and designs, looked at stats and figures and have been pretty impressed with how successful our "hobby" has become thanks to our amazing customers - you are the heart and soul of our business and without you, we wouldn't be the BLD we are today!

After three years of business we have collated a few stats (as at the 28.11.19) and facts about BLD that we are super proud of:

Charge & Chase | they are the inspiration behind our geometric logo
138 | the number of harness designs we have launched
23,500 | close to the number of free Puppicinos and gifts that have been sent out with orders
552,481 | the number of people who have visited our website
Macedonia, Martinique, Bermuda & Azerbaijan | some of the places we never thought we'd ship orders to, but have
Reversible Harness | we were the first brand to release the Reversible Harness in a larger range of sizes, so it was available for a wider range of breeds (not just breed specific)
Adjustable Harness | we were the first brand in Australia to launch this harness
Bee-Hiving Adjustable Harness | our most popular and fastest selling harness design (set to be restocked in 2020 for the 3rd time) (side note: our designs are Limited Edition, so designs usually aren't restocked, but the Bee-Hiving Harness sold out in record time and we had hundreds of messages with people requesting it to be restocked)
94,000 |  number of followers on Instagram
3 |  number of trips to China to improve and perfect our products

We can't wait to see what the next 3 years will bring - we have big plans for our humble small business - so keep watching!

Don't forget to follow us on all the usual Social Media Channels (@bigandlittledogs) to keep up to date with everything that is going on in the world of BIG & LITTLE DOGS and our adventures. And make sure you tag us in your photos and #bigandlittledogs, so we can see you rocking your BLD gear!

Also, make sure you shoot us an email, DM or old fashioned letter with anything that you want to see in the future or anything you think we can improve.

Love & Puppy Kisses,

Emma, Megan & the Pups xx

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