Pet Pawtrait Printed Options Information

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3 Options for Printed Pawtraits

Each option is of the highest professional quality available on the market.

1. Framed
2. Canvas
3. Fine Art Print

Our printed options are available in the following sizes:

* 8 inches x 10 inches (not available in canvas)
* 12 inches x 16 inches
* 18 inches x 24 inches

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Framed Pawtrait

Want your Pawtrait framed? Look no further!

Your Pawtrait is printed on 300gsm 100% museum-quality cotton rag paper, then an acid-free mat board of your choice is added. This is then added to a high-quality moulding and then finished with double-washed glass and stainless steel hanging wire.

What makes our Framed Pawtraits different?

1. Your Pawtrait is printed on 300gsm archival Fine Art Guild certified 100% cotton rag.

Most paper is made from wood pulp. however the problem with this is that it introduces impurities into the paper, reducing its archival rating. In contrast the paper we use is made from 100% cotton rag that is acid free, lignin free and has been independently certified by the UK Fine Art Guild to last 75 years.

2. Your Pawtrait has a 2cm Mat Board of your colour choice added for no extra cost.

A Mat Board sits on top of your image and below the glass of the frame. It features a mat window opening, to display the image underneath.

Colour choices are:

* Solid White
* Solid Black
* White with Black Core (the Mat Board is white and the inner edge is black)
* Black with White Core (the Mat Board is black and the inner edge is white)
* No Mat Board (if you would prefer to have the image take up the entire frame, please select this option)

3. Your Pawtrait is framed using high-quality mouldings in your choice of colour. The width of the frame is 30mm.

Colour choices are:

4. The glass used in your frame is double-washed

The process of "double washing" the glass ensures that it is super clear without impurities or imperfections. 

5. Your Pawtrait comes ready to hang!

The framed Pawtrait comes with a stainless steel hanging wire. Which can be used with wall hooks.

Because we use the high quality professional framing products and UK Guild certified fine art paper, we offer a 35 year warranty on the workmanship of the completed frame.

Fine Print:

Like all artwork, picture frames should be hung out of direct sunlight. Wherever possible you should also avoid hanging it in an area subject to excessive humidity.

Frames can be dusted, or wiped down with a damp cloth. The glass in the frame can be polished using a standard glass cleaner (ammonia free if possible) 

Canvas Pawtrait

Canvas Pawtraits are a lower cost option compared to our Framed Pawtraits - however, are none-the-less still a spectacular way to display your Pawtrait in your home!

Your Pawtrait is printed on heavy weight, 440gsm cotton blend archival-grade canvas, which is free of bleach and artificial whiteners. This creates a canvas which is amazing in colour and definition.

Genuine archival inks are used to print your Pawtrait. These inks combined with the archival-grade canvas have been tested by an independent research lab to last 75 years without fading. Your Pawtrait is also laminated with a coat of UV-protective and anti-fungal laminate, ensuring your canvas will last well into the future.

Each frame is created using hand-cut premium, double profiled meranti hardwood. This double-beveled profile means your Pawtrait sits flush against the wall and the outline of the timber won't show through the front of the canvas. A quality frame is used to ensure your Pawtrait won't warp and will look the same in 75 years, as it does today.

Your Pawtrait comes ready to hang and is finished at the back with acid-free frame tape and gallery-quality hooks, screws and wire.

Because we use the highest quality materials, an unconditional 75 year guarantee on each canvas is offered.

Fine Print:

All our canvas prints are coated with a satin laminate that provides UV-protection. However, direct sunlight on any kind of image can result in damage or reduced lifespan. We always recommend hanging our prints out of direct sunshine.

Prints can be hung outdoors (e.g. on a covered veranda) but are not water-proof, so should not be in a position that is directly exposed to rain.

They are also not suited for humidity, so should not be hung in bathrooms, or in outside areas if you live in a humid climate. 

The satin laminate on your canvas makes your canvas easy to clean! You can either dust them with something soft, or wipe them down as required with a clean, lightly damp cloth.

Fine Art Pawtrait Print

A Fine Art Pawtrait Print is an excellent option if you would prefer to source your own frame. 

Your Pawtrait is printed on 300gsm 100% museum-quality cotton rag paper which is made in the USA and certified by the UK Fine Art Trade Guild.

Standard paper is made using crushed wood pulp, however, this results in a product that is no archival due to the impurities in the pulp. Fine Art Paper is normally much thicker than standard paper and made from archival cotton rag. Which results in a product that will last 75-100 years.

Things to note with our Fine Art Pawtrait Print:

* Cotton Rag paper is an uncoated paper and has a very different look and feel to traditional photo paper.
* Our Fine Art Pawtrait comes with an additional 5mm white boarder to assist with handling or framing.
* This is the same print that we use in our Framed Pawtraits

If you are interested in a Mat Fine Art Pawtrait Print, please get in touch with us and we can send you a quote.

Because we use the highest quality materials, a 75 year warranty on each Fine Print is offered.

Fine Print:

Due to the thickness of our Fine Art Pawtrait Prints we recommend that you always keep them flat and do not roll them.

If a Fine Art Pawtrait Print is rolled, there's a high chance that the print will keep a memory of the roll and not return to it's original flat form

Fine Art Pawtrait Prints are printed on an uncoated paper so should be treated with care. When handling the print, hold using the outer white border to avoid marking the print with oils or acids from your fingers. Wherever possible do not touch the print surface. Store in a box, if you do not frame your print.

Dusting a fine art print is ok, but it is best to use a soft brush or similar.