Pet Pawtrait Image Guidelines

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Create your Pawtrait in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose an image of your dog, cat, horse (or any pet) from your social media, camera roll or computer and upload it. Need help with snapping or choosing the perfect image? Check out our Image Guidelines below.

2. Choose your preferred background colour

3. If you would like to include your pet's name on your Pawtrait, add that, then choose the font you prefer

Add your masterpiece to cart, check out, then let us create your Pawtrait

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Would you like your Pawtrait printed?

We offer 3 types of printed options. Each option is of the highest professional quality available on the market.

1. Framed

2. Canvas

3. Fine Art Print

For more information about our printed options. Please visit our Print Options Information page.

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How to choose the best photo?

Check out the below tips and tricks for taking and selecting the best image for your Pawtrait. 

We suggest taking a new photo of your pet specifically for your Pawtrait. This will ensure that it is the perfect quality for our graphic designers to create your Pawtrait from.

Remember the image you select plays a crucial part in the final quality of your Pawtrait. 

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Photos should ideally be shot in soft, natural lighting.

Head outside if possible or snap your picture next to a window.

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Eye Level

Take the photo at eye level.

Ensure your pet is looking forward (and if possible, straight on).

If your pet is on an angle, please be aware, this will be how your pet will be positioned in the Pawtrait.

Make sure your pet is looking directly at the camera.

Avoid overhead or blurry photos.

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Avoid Shadows

Ensure your pets whole face and shoulders are clearly visible and not shadowed in any way.

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Avoid Filters

Ensure your photo does not have a filter applied.

This will allow our Graphic Designers to capture your pets correct, natural colour and shade.

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Get Close

To get as much detail as possible in the photo, take your photo at close range.

Ensure your pet is in complete focus.

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Take note of what your pet is wearing

Any collars, harnesses, leashes, clothes, bows, hats, outfits etc... that appear in the photo will be illustrated in the Pawtrait.

Remove anything from your pet, you do not wish to appear in the Pawtrait.